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  • What type of events do we cater?
    In over 14 years of business we have catered a vast number of events ranging from the simple to the complex & intricate. With that said we are open to almost anything you could dream of. In the past we have catered: Weddings Corporate Events Galas Holiday Parties Social Gatherings Religious Celebrations Funerals & Memorials Marketing & Promotional Launches Pop-Up Shops Boxed Lunch's Individual Wrapped Food for Sale & Many, Many, More!
  • How long have we been in business?
    EVENTFULLNYC was founded in 2007. Our family owned and operated business has had the pleasure of working with wonderful clients over our last 14 years, crafting our expertise in off-premise catering. Melody has hand selected her dynamic staff, of which many have been working with EVENTFULLNYC for over 10 years. We are proud of the team we have created and pride ourselves on having an expert staff in an ever changing industry.
  • Are we insured & do we provide a COI?
    Absolutely! EVENTFULLNYC is fully licensed and insured. Our staff are covered by workers compensation insurance & are licensed to handle food by the City of New York. We also carry a wide range of insurance policies that covers the needs of many buildings/event spaces too! Most venues will need a COI which we are most happy to provide upon request.
  • What is our service charge for?
    Glad you asked! Our flat food price covers the cost of procurement, storage and providing the necessary up keep to prepare it. Thankfully we are a little more involved than that. We handle the rentals, staff, venue planning, floor plans, walkthroughs, tasting's and provide insurance for the venue and guests. We pride ourselves on being with you every step of the way & are here for all of your event needs.
  • What forms of payment do we accept?
    We accept the following forms of payment: Cash Check ACH Payment / E-Check All major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover) However, please keep in mind credit cards may be subject to a 3% transaction fee.
  • Are we hiring?
    Our door is always open for new experienced & motivated people to join our family! Please check out our careers page for a full listing of opportunities.
  • How do I get a quote?
    To get the fastest response, we recommend filling out our inquiry form on the contact us page. However, if you would like to reach out differently please contact us with the information provided below. Call Us: 718-624-577 Email Us:
  • How far in advance should I book an event?
    You may book an event with us as far out as (2) years. However keep in mind we pride ourselves on quality over quantity, and pricing normally stays locked in unless you have certain market priced food items. Therefore, the earlier you can reserve a day the better.With that said, there are many past clients of ours that have reached out with a catering emergency. We have moved mountains to help them so don't hesitate to call if your stuck in a similar situation.
  • Have a last minute order or catering emergency?
    Fear not! We have many past clients that have reached out with a catering emergency or last minute food order and have saved their day! So don't hesitate to reach out if your stuck in a similar situation and we can try our best to make it happen!
  • How far do we travel?
    We have brought our mouthwatering food & expert staff with us to events all over the tri-state area. Whether it be a summer BBQ in Montauk, a private wedding in West Chester or even a birthday celebration in New Jersey. We have what it takes to be there for you! Please keep in mind that our event staff are in-house; therefore, travel fees may apply if your event is outside of the 5 boroughs.
  • Do we offer drop-off catering services?
    Of Course! Happy to give you the EVENTFULLNYC experience in your own home or private venue. We will happily drop off your menu and beverage selections to any location of your choosing. We request a delivery charge, calculated by the distance of your location and whether your event requires a pickup at the end of the evening. Provide us with your optimal (1) hour window for delivery. Please keep in mind a large travel fee may incur if traveling outside of the 5 boroughs.
  • Do we offer tastings?
    Certainly! Tastings have got to be our favorite part in the process of planning your event! This gives us the opportunity to meet you in person, discuss your tasting selections in detail and provide substitutes or recommendations to finalize your perfect menu, allows you the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the planning of the event and most importantly we fill your stomach with delicious food! Tastings are usually 60-90 minutes, can be combined with a showroom visit (dependent on rental company) and are 100% private. We start at $50 Per Person (additional fee’s incurred dependent on menu selections) and is fully refunded should you choose to book our services. Don’t forget to come hungry!
  • Do we attend walk thrus?
    We will happily join you for a walk-thru of your venue! This is a great opportunity to work out all the kinks for your big day! We are also happily able to follow up this appointment with a digital floor plan with your selected layout design.
  • When are payments due?
    At time of booking, we request the signing of our catering contract and a 30% deposit on the full invoice price. The remaining balance will be due (1) week before your event, with any last-minute additional charges (1) day after. For Drop Off: For orders made outside of our standard 72-hour-window, we require a credit card on file. A 50% deposit will be charged at the time of booking, with the final 50% charged to your credit card one (1) day before your delivery date. For last-minute orders, we require the 100% total to be paid at the time of booking.
  • When should I give you my final guest count?
    We request your final guest count, with your final payment 7 days before your event. We understand life happens and you may have last-minute changes to your guest count. We allow additional guests of up to 5% no later than 24 hours in advance of the event. Payment for additional guests must be paid in full when the changes are made.
  • What if I need to cancel my event?
    We get it: life happens. Should you need to cancel your event, reach out to a member of our team so we can better assist you.
  • Do we provide liquor, beer and mixed drinks?"
    Through our partners, EVENTFULLNYC offers liquor, beer and mixed drinks. We also carry liquor liability insurance, allowing us to serve your guests with our staff. In addition, we also offer two drink packages to pair with your bar selections – Basic & Full non-alcoholic options. Drink Package – Basic Non-Alcoholic: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Club Soda, Tonic Water, Lemon/Limes, & Ice Drink Package – Full Non-Alcoholic: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Club Soda, Tonic Water, Orange/Cranberry Juice, S. Pellegrino, Regular/Decaf Coffee & Assorted Teas (Served with Half n Half & Assorted Sugars) & Ice Should you not see something listed above, let us know and we will work with you determine any additional fees.
  • Do we provide or coordinate rentals?
    Of Course! We work with some of the best rental companies in the industry and with our experience of many venues across the 5 boroughs, we will have you covered! We assist to coordinate your rental estimates with the company of your choosing and offer our knowledge to guarantee you are fully prepared for your event. Rentals are to be paid separately from EVENTFULLNYC but we will connect you with the correct team to make deposit and final payment.
  • What serving equipment is provided?
    Passing Trays Bussing Trays Platters for Stations For family style and buffet menus, we can provide in-house serving equipment for an additional fee. This is based on your guest count and equipment needed. Reach out to our event planners for more information. If you are requesting a more specialized serving option, such as biodegradable, bamboo or plastic plates/utensils, we will gladly help coordinate the order of these supplies and will add it on to your proposal estimate.
  • What type of staffing do you offer?
    We have you covered for staffing! Every event we work at is different and requires the perfect team to execute seamlessly. We work with you to determine what your needs are based on your guest count, menu selections and bar packages. Below are some of the staff we offer at each event: Manager, Assistant Manager, Bartender, Server, Executive Chef, Sous Chef and Sanitation.
  • Do we have a dress code for our staff?
    Our staff come dressed professionally in a black jacket, black slacks, white button-down shirt and a long black tie. However, we understand every event is different and are happy to accommodate any dress code required.
  • Should I tip your staff?
    Gratuities are never included in your bill unless directed otherwise. Gratuities are not required but are kindly accepted and are fully up to the discretion of the client. In addition, it is against our company policy to have tip jars on our bars at any event.
  • Do we have any recommended vendors, and can we assist in ordering from them?"
    We are happy to assist in placing orders for outside vendors such as food trucks, bakery’s, florists, etc. Reach out to us for our full list of carefully selected vendors. Any balance paid by EVENTFULLNYC, can incur an additional fee.
  • Am I able to make my own custom menu?
    Of Course!! All menus or sample menus provided are just examples of the delicious foods we offer. They are a great starting point for us to get the ideas flowing to assist in crafting your perfect menu. Stuck and having trouble narrowing down your selections – fear not! We are here to help design your evening and select your favorite mouthwatering delights. Our goal is to please every one of your guests, from guests with dietary restrictions, allergies and even the pickiest of eaters! We’ve done it all!
  • What if I have a guest with an allergy or has a dietary restriction?
    We take allergies & dietary restrictions very seriously at EVENTFULLNYC and are happy to cater to your needs. Our chefs use the utmost care in preparing your order and we promise to make your experience Eventfull! If your dietary restrictions are not limited to Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free or Lactose Free – possibly a food allergy – we are happy to craft up a unique menu! If you would like to speak to someone regarding your food allergies, please feel free to reach out. We are happy to help! *Looking for a Kosher Menu? We work with an established restaurant to assist in any Kosher menu items.
  • Do we offer Late Night Snacks or Midnight Snacks?
    Oh Yes! Our favorite!! We make sure to fill every guest’s stomach, but know that after a few hours of dancing, we could all use a small snack. We’ve done it all – French Fries & Sliders, Ice Cream Sundaes Stations, Junk Food Stations with Popcorn and Soft Pretzels and even late-night Street Tacos! Talk to our event planners today to help coordinate your midnight snack and explain our pricing structure.
  • Do we offer child/kid entrée options?
    Most defiantly! Whether you want a separate menu or smaller portions of your selected entree's, we will always cater to your smaller guests! For a lower per-person fee, child/kid entrée can be included in your proposal.
  • Do we offer vendor meals?
    Of course! Your carefully selected vendors will always have a plate ready for them – we know they will be working up an appetite. For a lower per person fee, vendor meals can be included in your proposal and are usually the entrée and accompanied sides from your selected menu.
  • What happens to leftovers at the end of the evening?
    We can provide all leftover food in aluminum containers for you to take home at the end of the evening. Should you not be interested in leftovers—be it leaving on a honeymoon the next day—we are happy to donate them to a shelter of your choosing.
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